History "The Dutch Flight Simulator Site"

FS5 until FSX Dutchfs.com: look 1

The Dutch Flight Simulator Site started its services in januar 1997. At the time the
site started with offering my painted aircraft. There were not many Dutch aircraft to download as the BBS was very popular and internet was beginning to grow. I searched whole the net looking after some KLM or Martinair aircraft, but I didn't find it anywhere.
So first I repainted the standard Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400 of BAO Flightshop package in the beautifull KLM colours. After a while I was bored, so I painted it in Martinair colours, but that ofcourse, wasn't realistic as 5this airplane does not excist.
After a while I found out that aircraft models were available on the internet, so I was able to repaint more aircraft than the good old 747-400. So I started painting the whole KLM,Martinair, Transavia and Air Holland fleet. I always uploaded the files to flightsim.com and flightsim.iup.edu. As there was no specialized homepage for Dutch Aircraft, I decided to put my aircraft on my own page. So The Dutch Flight Simulator Site was born. it was a very simple site at the time, which only contained one picture and one html page. But almost the whole dutch commercial airliners fleet was available on the internet.

Dutchfs.com: look 2

As the site was growing, I decided to redesign the Site, so now it contained frames, which was easier to navigate. Also the services expanded: besides aircraft, one was able to download scenery and a links page was created. More and more aircraft were uploaded and the number of visitors grew. After there were no dutch airliners left to paint, so I started to go International. This included a Air UK project, a Northwest project, Battle of the Airlines project and some liveries for virtual airlines. After a while I wanted to go back to the dutch liveries, so I started to make newer versions of all the liveries. And so The Dutch FS Site download quality was getting better and better.

Dutchfs.com: look 3

After using that design for one year, I thought that the site could use a fresh look. And so the clouds entered the service in the sites look and logo. Even these days, the same clouds are the fundament of the sites design. The thought of it, is that it gives the site a fresh and original look. With this redesign came also some directroy expansion, like panels and flightplans. FS5 had his best years, and I never bought FS95, so now FS98 files were introduced to the site. The quality of all the aircraft was getting much better. For the first time in its life, The Dutch FS Site placed a competition on its site, which was sponsored by a commercial aircraft design company. The purpose was that this competition would became regular, but it didn't last for 2 months. It was too much work to continue this project. The Site was also sponsored by an e-commerce company, which last for a year.

Dutchfs.com: look 4

And so christmas came. I thought it would be time to give the site a coasy christmas look, so the whole site got a christmas look for one month. This was the first and last time that it had a special christmas look. In the mean time I found it very strange that there wasn't a nice scenery for The Netherlands available. Everywhere I saw national sceneries, like Sweden 2000 etc. I started to talk with some dutch prominents with regard to FS, and I started the project THE NETHERLANDS 2000. This scenery would contain the whole country and would be of very good quality. As I didn't have the time to design, I started to mail some dutch scenery designers, and so The Netherlands 2000 was born. As you may have noticed, it has becomne a very good and professional team. I am not a member of it anymore, but it was a great experience of starting such a project. The team still excists and is still designing, just to make it even more perfect.

Dutchfs.com: look 5 Dutchfs.com: look 6

FS2000 was introduced to the public, and it was time to redesign the site again, as the old site was not easy to navigate as it didn't use frames. So the frames were re-introduced. Also services were expanded, and one was able to download aircraft for even 4 flightsim versions (FS5/FS95/FS98/FS2000). And after updating the site regularly it became silent at the site. I didn't have any spare time left and so the site was no longer updated regularly. At this point a new member entered the team (which only consisted of 1 person): Peter. From this point he learned how to update the site and he did a hell of a job. He is responsible for the most FS2000 updates. In the meanwhile I started a new project, which included the design of the Dutch Boeing 737 airliner fleet for FS2000. This project was done by Doeke Bakker, Marco rensen and Robert Verluys, who all did a very good job! Thanks to them the Dutch FS public was able to download high quality aircraft for free. Besides these men, a special thanks has to go to Rob Bennis, with whome I cooperated for a long time. He designed most of the Fokker prop jets on this site.

Dutchfs.com: look 7

As FS2002 was introduced, we also introduced a new member: Alexander Sier. Since then he is responsible for the weekly updates, which he does very well. Peter is since that time the person who is responsible for the high quality of the site itself. He comes with all the scripts and all that stuff. They both found it time to give the site a redesign after 3 years. And so the new look is introduced. I started to make a sample in a graphical programm and then it was the turn to Peter to transform this picture into a complete site. Together with Alex he transformed the old page in a complete new and even more fresh design.

Dutchfs.com: look 78

The Site now includes approximately:
265 Aircraft downloads
41 Scenery downloads
37 Panels downloads
28 Sounds downloads
11 Other files
155 pages
550 pictures
We hope that you like the site, and hope you will be a regular visitor. The Dutch FS Site is starting its 6th year, and we hope that it will continue for many years!!

Finally a special thanks goes to:
Peter van Soldt (director)
Alexander Sier
Steven van Leeuwen
Jeroen Plettenberg
Rob Bennis
Robert Verluys

Best regards,
Thomas D.

31 December 2002
Founder of The Dutch FS Site 1997