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    Aviation Consumer names DA42 Twin Star "Airplane of the Year"
    Posted by FsTheo - Source: Diamondair - 5207 views
    Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2006
    Claiming that the DA42 Twin Star is "one of the most innovative and intriguing airplanes in light aircraft history," Aviation Consumer magazine, in their August 2006 issue, named the Twin Star as Airplane of the Year.

    The magazine had been alarmed at a report that 100LL fuel had surpassed the $7 price, and lamented that GA's response, with Diamond being one of few exceptions, has been a "head-in-the-sand blind hope that fuel prices will somehow decline again". The DA42 Twin Star's twin Centurion diesel engines burn only 12.5 gph of JET-A fuel total at 172 kt cruise.

    "It has decent cruise speed, a comfortable cabin and exceptional economy. If the future of GA lies in more efficient airplanes and powerplants, Diamond is leading the way," the article concluded.

    IFR equipped with the Garmin G1000 and a long list of included features, the DA42 Twin Star is priced at $478,638. Options include known icing, built-in oxygen, and more.


    Diamond Aircraft


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