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    IRIS - The MiG-27 Flogger
    Posted by FsTheo - Source: fspilotshop.com - 5053 views
    Published: Friday, March 31, 2006
    IRIS Flight Simulation Software brings you our second Russian aircraft, the Mig-27 Flogger.

    The Flogger continues our range of FS2004 only products from IRIS. The Mig-27 features enhanced XML coding within the aircraft models to accurately replicate the inner workings of the aircraft from dynamic wing flex during high-g conditions, to visual representation of a loss in hydraulic power, the list goes on. The Virtual Cockpit retains the quality of the Mig-29 product and features working switches, radios, levers and other effects and silky smooth gauge refresh rates on most systems.

    The exterior model has also retained the high quality carried on from our established range of aircraft, and the product features a number of different models as has come to be a trademark of an IRIS product.

    We have also once again had the privilege to employ the sound genius of Christoffer Petersen who has provided us with some excellent sounds for the Mig-27 which I am sure will have you playing with that volume control!

    Mig-29 artist, Steven ‘Stalin’ Baldwin has once again shown why he is arguably the best in the business by providing us with a total of 6 different textures for the air forces of the world that operate the Mig-27 including a lovely display livery for the Luftwaffe.

    File Size: 48Mb

    The MiG-27 Flogger features the following:

    - Ten different visual models covering the MiG-27 in it's capacity as strike fighter as well as many others including models for AI and Multiplayer use.

    - Full 3D Dynamic Virtual Cockpit featuring animated control surfaces and custom gauges with emersive night lighting.

    - Authentic Virtual Cockpit with interactive systems and super smooth gauge refresh rates allowing for an immersive virtual cockpit experience

    - Specular shine and accurate night lighting.

    - XML controlled effects for afterburners, exhaust heat, wingtip vortices, condensation clouds and a working aircraft cannon.

    - Six exquisitely detailed texture sets with realistic weathering effects and reflective areas.

    - Animated landing gear, variable afterburner petals with unique XML programmed pilot and boarding ladder, dynamic wing flex under high-g conditions and drooping elevons on engine shutdown.

    - Detailed and easy to fly flight model.

    - A choice of numerous texture sets covering such air forces as the Russian Air Force, Luftwaffe, Czech Republic and others.

    - High quality sound set for the Mig-27 from Christoffer Petersen, author of the F-14 and F-35 sound sets!

    - Dynamic Shine on all models.

    - Over 50 different variations to fly!




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